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Birthdate:May 13
Website:Audiobooks by Cynthia Hemminger
Policy on Transformative Works:
My fanfiction has all been posted on Livejournal, and most of it is crossposted to Dreamwidth and Archive of Our Own. I am Chemm80 at all of those places. Since I can think of no higher compliment to said works than that someone feel inspired by them to create something else, please feel free to do that. I would request that if you transform my work, you treat it with kindness and respect, whatever that means to you, and I would love it if you linked me to the finished product.

I spend more fannish time on Twitter these days than anywhere, just because that seems to be where my people are, mostly. This is me: Should you feel some strange desire to witness my pathetic attempts to Tumbl - or wonder who the weirdo is who just started following you out of nowhere - I'm Basschik on Tumblr. But all I really do over there is reblog stuff, and 90% of that is Teen Wolf .gifs and photosets.

Clinical laboratorian, medical transcriptionist, mom, wife, writer, bass guitarist, reader, voice actor.

Most of my personal posts are locked because they contain a lot of bitching about my real life which I don't want the subjects of the aforementioned bitching to read. This ain't Facebook, baby. If you friend me, I will take a look at your LJ and if you seem to be a real person and don't appear to be torturing puppies as a hobby, I'll friend you back. If you're just here for the fic (as little of it as I write these days) or podfic, none of it is f*locked. Links to stories are in the sidebar.

Regarding fandom, which is presumably why you're here:

You know that TV show where the two hot guys angst their way around America in the classic car, slaying dragons, fighting evil, rescuing damsels in distress and not talking about their issues? Yeah, that one. The one that started it all. (For me.) This journal contains all things fannish including fanfiction, fangirling, fanwanking and all other things fen, with an occasional whiny personal post thrown in. Sons of Anarchy, Generation Kill, Justified and Leverage are past favorites as well, and I'm currently watching The Red Road and UnReal. Teen Wolf, the show, is on probation currently and the prognosis doesn't look good, but I still read a lot of fanfic, especially the Hale pack (S1-3a), mostly Sterek.

There is a fuck-ton of podfic up in here, although the output of that has slowed due to professional audiobook work. See my audiobooks on Audible and iTunes under Cynthia Hemminger.

BE ADVISED (aka How I Got Here)

Supernatural is a vicious gateway drug which often results in multiple fandom dependencies, leading to serious life consequences like excessive computer usage, carpal tunnel syndrome and corruption of innocent fangirls.

Side effects may include loss of sleep, marathon wanking, random posting about dick leakage, weepage, seepage and woodage, sudden spasms of spoutage of euphemisms concerning female masturbatory practices, and uncontrollable bursts of pornage.

Additional Warnings (as first described by [personal profile] mona1347 back in 2006:

Supernatural = Roofies.

You let this fandom buy you one drink, just one drink and before you know it, your clothes’ve come off and you’re doing all these vile and depraved things that you always said you’d never do or just plain weren’t into and you can’t bring yourself to have any kind of problem with the situation at all. Then the next day you wake up kinda sore, wondering what the hell you did last night and have only fleeting remembrances of pretty emo boys, glitter and lube. "

MOTTO CREED CREDO (or Chemm80's Theory of Winchester Relativity; Brotherly Conversosity Postulate): *drum roll*

The best vantage for adoration of one of the brothers Winchester is always the point of view of the other, the intensity of such being directly proportional to the relative level of fangirlawesomeness.

Also, this journal is where all the shit washes to shore. I censor myself to a considerable degree in real life, but my sailor mouth is given free rein here. That means there's a lot of cussin' ya'll. Also? Smut aboundeth. I read it and I write it, including the occasional crossover slash piece, almost all of it overly quite explicit in nature. This is no place for the innocent of eye nor ear, in other words. Conduct yourselves accordingly.
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